USA College Sport serves as a dedicated agency, committed to securing athletic scholarships for aspiring student-athletes from Europe and around the globe who dream of studying at American universities.

Our team at USA College Sport provides comprehensive assistance, guiding athletes through each step of the bureaucratic, organizational, and administrative processes, ensuring a smooth transition to studying and competing in their chosen sport in the USA.

Every member of our team has personally experienced the path of a university athlete, giving us an invaluable first-hand understanding of this remarkable journey.

Pursuing a university degree in the United States is known to be among the most expensive educational experiences worldwide. A single year of enrollment at a prestigious U.S. university – renowned both nationally and globally – can range between $30,000 and $60,000. However, USA College Sport is dedicated to helping its student-athletes secure athletic scholarships, which could potentially offset the entirety of these university costs.


Coaches are allocated a certain number of full scholarships that can be distributed amongst their team players. As a result, while some team members might be awarded full scholarships, others might receive partial ones. The likelihood of receiving a generous scholarship hinges upon the athlete’s sporting track record and the quality of their video submissions. Each scholarship is tailored to reflect the individual athlete’s academic achievements and sporting prowess.


The recruitment process takes from 5 to 9 months, so it’s important to start the process early to secure a substantial and timely scholarship. USA College Sport is responsible for advising and guiding the European student-athlete through much of the process, which is why the bureaucratic procedure requires time to complete. Additionally, coaches begin organizing their teams and dividing scholarships during the fall semester (September-November).

To gain admission to a U.S. university, two specific examinations are typically required: the SAT (or ACT) and the TOEFL. The SAT (or ACT) is a mandatory entrance exam for all U.S. students, whereas the TOEFL is a requirement specifically for international students. Each university autonomously decides whether to require the SAT – Scholastic Assessment Test, or the ACT – American College Test. We provide authorized preparatory materials and collaborate with certified educational institutions to support our students, who can take these exams at various times throughout the year. All international students must pass the TOEFL – Test of English as a Foreign Language, a certification validating language proficiency crucial for enrollment in higher education institutions in the United States. At USA College Sport, we stand ready to assist you throughout your exam preparation, ensuring you can comfortably pass these tests with a dedicated and focused approach.


At the undergraduate level, colleges and universities are virtually identical – both span four years and offer equivalent levels of education, culminating in a bachelor’s degree. The primary distinction lies in the range of degrees offered. While colleges typically limit their degree programs to Bachelor’s Degrees, universities extend their offerings to include postgraduate degrees, such as Masters and PhDs, providing avenues for further academic pursuit beyond undergraduate studies.

Fútbol o fútbol colegial se puede comparar a una especie de division de honos en España en la que los mejores jugadores obtienen becas que cubren el costo total de la universidad. Es por eso que el campeonato universitario se considera el nivel más alto de competencia juvenil. Los deportistas a los que les gusta jugar en profesional generalmente se distinguen en sus respectivas conferencias. Una vez que se ha otorgado el título de 4 años, los mejores equipos son seleccionados por los equipos de la MLS en los llamados DRAFTs que se organizan al final de cada temporada deportiva. Los DRAFT más populares a nivel nacional son los de los principales deportes estadounidenses como el baloncesto, fútbol, béisbol, etc.

Ligas universitarias: NCAA, NAIA, NJCAA. La primera diferencia sustancial entre las ligas es que los dos primeros (NCAA, NAIA) son las organizaciones que pueden acomodar a los colleges y universidades los cuales tengan una duración de 4 años, mientras que la NJCAA es la liga llamada Junior College, esta liga solo dura dos años dando acceso a un título asociado.

La temporada de fútbol comienza en agosto con una preparacion fisica de 3 semanas y continúa hasta el final de noviembre con las Conferencias individuales, y puede llegar a durar mas tiempo si el equipo llega a los Nacionales que esto sucede si ganan los Playoffs de la respectiva Conferencia. Los equipos colegiados juegan en las diferentes conferencias que generalmente agrupan las universidades de un estado o region (por ejemplo, la conferencia de sol es la de Florida donde todos los equipos de universidades de Florida juegan en un campeonato). Una vez que el campeonato termina, los 8 mejores equipos se enfrentan a los playoffs y el ganador jugará Nationals en el que se enfrentarán todos los ganadores de las diferentes conferencias del pais.

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